Biography of the South African President Jacob Zuma

After the general elections in the year 2009, the South Africans elected a president and he was Jacob Zuma. This was through the leading political party African National Congress which he headed as the president. He was further reelected during the elections held in the year 2014.The president started his political ambitions early in his life as he was already a member of the party that was led by the late Nelson Mandela where the two had visions of a free South Africa. This was during the colonial era where Zuma was imprisoned for a number of years for going against the ruling of the colonial period.

In his early life, the president did not have a formal education due to poverty since his father was killed in the world war and his mother worked as a casual laborer to cater for his life with this other family. Zuma together with others like the Nelson Mandela were at the fore front of ensuring that South Africa got its independence. Even in his imprisonment, Zuma would still be actively involved in the political scene which saw the country freed from the colonies.

After the independence of the country, Jacob Zuma was released and appointed to be a member of the government as an official. When Thambo was elected as the president, he appointed Zuma as his deputy. In this period he also helped the other African countries like Uganda to promote peace keeping. The rise from the deputy president was when he was alleged to be involved in corruption deals and was kicked out of the seat of being a deputy. There he decided to go head on with the president Thambo in fighting for the presidential seat and he actually won.

Zuma is a traditional African man who believes in polygamy and he is married to four wives and has sired a number of children with them. There were allegations that this was not right due to the rising poverty levels in South Africa but the president decided to keep his marriage life well contained and promised to care of all his children.

South Africa has seen so many developments under the leadership of the president Zuma. This is both in the economic developments as well as the health sector. One of the reasons he supports polygamy is the initiative to stop the spread of diseases through cheating in marriages. More jacob zuma storie s here!